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Friendly Design Co solves creative problems with innovative solutions.

We build brands and develop dynamic user experiences.


The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) approached us to redesign their extranet. Their tool allows local leaders to manage membership information. We undertook an in-depth User Experience design process that identified users’ needs, focused attention on the most important features, and set the stage for a fundamental shift in the tools’s design. Once we understood the experience we needed to create, we developed an exhaustive set of wireframes and a dynamic visual interface to draw attention to key features, move secondary actions out of the way, and make it as easy as possible for AFGE’s Local leaders to accomplish their work quickly and efficiently.

American University Kogod School of Business

Here at Friendly we love creating immersive experiences. When Kogod needed new design for a national ad campaign, we dove right in. We worked collaboratively with their internal team to develop compelling concepts for the campaign. Then we dug in, designed large-scale graphics for the D.C. Metro system and Metro buses, directed digital animation, and delivered an array of digital and print advertisements to run in D.C. and across the country. Creating a holistic campaign that succeeds at 12 feet tall and 120 pixels presents an exciting challenge. Our work not only helps Kogod extend their brand in exciting new directions, but also raises awareness of their programs and meet their enrollment goals.


Providing drivers with road-side assistance when and where they need it is a simple concept. Creating the digital experience that delivers such service required detailed planning, months of collaboration, and thoughtful design. We led the Urgent.ly team through exhaustive planning of their application’s features and tailored effective user flows before designing even a pixel of the app. Our wireframe prototypes ensured everyone understood exactly what application we were building and that it would meet a customer’s demands as well as that of their drivers in their time of need. While we’re quite proud of the final interface, it was our work refining the user experience down to its core value and combining features for optimum utility that makes Urgent.ly a powerful tool for drivers.